Crafting is good for the soul...


Ever since my daughter was born, crafting and sewing have been a very big part of my life, as both an outlet for me, and something fun that the tiny human and I can do together! I was very excited when Spotlight invited me along to the launch of their National Craft Month last week, I was ready and raring to join the 'Make It Yourself' movement, something I am already a strong believer in. 

We have been along to Craft Month activities at Spotlight for the last few years running, it's a great way to keep the kidlets entertained for a morning and honestly, given I can lose hours when I start looking at Pinterest for craft ideas, heading along to Spotlight is much more fun to try it in person. 


Unfortunately the tiny human wasn't able to join me at the party, but if she had been there she would have had an absolute blast! Animals, colouring, music, food, make your own magic slime,the opportunity to bedazzle your own pair of sunglasses. But the part she would have loved most was decorating her own cupcake. So I couldn't resist the chance to make one to take home for her, which she devoured in about 3 seconds flat. Chocolate crumbs as far as the eye could see. I'm not half bad at the whole cake decorating caper! 

The stand that had me transfixed though was the wool and knitting stand hosted by Australian Country Spinners. I have been meaning to properly give knitting and crochet a go for a long time, as I am a sucker for a scarf and beanie, so I need to learn how to make them myself! I am quite partial to a triangle quilt so it was no surprise that the gorgeous knitted triangle blanket caught my attention as soon as I walked in the door. 


I may or may not have dropped into my local Spotty and purchased a crochet hook and a set of knitting needles on my way home from the event... Watch out world. 

Make sure you check out all of the Craft Month activities going on at the Spotlight stores during March, there are some great activities for both the young and the more seasoned crafters out there! 



I was compensated for my time attending the event but all fangirling and opinions are 100% mine.