What Shade Are You? Blog Hop


I was so excited to join the fun when RJR Fabrics asked me if I would like to make a quilt out of their range of Cotton Supreme Solids. I've only been quilting for just over 2 years, but it’s my passion and I love every aspect of the process, even the binding (yup, I am totally cray cray). And here is the quilt I made, I'm calling it 'No Turning Back Now'. 

Additonal 1.jpg

Then the colour card arrived, there was a great deal of pondering to be done. Do I choose the colours and then let the pattern be dictated by them? Or pick a pattern and then select colours?

In the end, I selected a pattern, and then painstakingly curated a colour palette.

The colours I went with were: 

Putting Green 290
Tiffany Box 291
Emerald City 329
Horizon 354
Turks & Caicos 292
Meadowland 352
Toy Boat 366
Blue Skies 264
Cove 297
Notting Hill 309
Elephant Pink 277
Kerchief 364
Argento 362
On The Rocks 283
Overcast 319
Optical White 33

And I threw in a bit of Cotton and Steel’s Navy Sprinkle for good measure. 

Once the fabric arrived however, seeing those gorgeous colours in person, my mind was drawn to some artwork I had seen by an extremely talented street artist from Germany, 1010. 

 Picture: http://www.10101010101010101010.biz/

Picture: http://www.10101010101010101010.biz/

I love looking for inspiration from the real world, so when inspiration strikes, you should never ignore it! I sent off an email asking if he would give me permission to translate his artwork into an improvisational quilt and the response was very positive, and extremely encouraging, so I started cutting straight away! It was thrilling to just cut and piece as I went, improv is certainly a style I am settling into, building the quilt from the centre out, hoping and praying as I got to the last F8 that I would have just enough to finish that section. 1010 also has a portal in the shape of a triangle that I might have to try down the track. 

I honestly think that ‘Elephant Pink’ is one of my new favourite colours. I just love the way it pops against the cooler colour palette and those gorgeous neutrals. 

Once I finished the quilt top, I loaded it up onto my new Handi Quilter Avante and set to work. I knew I needed something to complement the graphic industrial nature of the quilt design, so I settled on straight lines with Aurifil 2615 in 40wt. I just love the texture it gives. I bound the quilt in the Argento which was the perfect neutral to complement the background and not take away from the quilt top. 

Additonal 3.JPG

I am so thrilled with how this quilt turned out, I think I might even hang it in my studio, if my family doesn’t claim it first. 

Photo 6.jpg

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you so much to RJR Fabrics for giving me the opportunity to turn this idea into a quilt and to be a part of this fantastic line up of quilt artists!  Head on over to their blog to see the other amazing quilts that have been made by some very talented individuals. 

And if you check out RJR Fabric's and my Instagram feeds, there is a chance to win a bundle of the fabric I used for this quilt! Good luck!